The basic purpose of these Slide Shows is to provide you with a broad, point by point, outline of the Big Picture.

Actually you may run through our Slide Shows in very little time. And if you do stop to consider any detail, maybe even come up with questions, we thank you. If, that is, you ask them!


At the very least, take a look and let's compare notes about those parts that may be "the Concrete Fuel needed to keep going".

  1. Virtual Country
    1. Proposing a Democracy on the World Wide Web and noting its built-in need to be worthwhile.
  2. Spending Income
    1. Our understanding of Unconditional Income for Everybody; as well as where the money might initially come from.
  3. Renterizing
    1. How a part of the Rent Paid to Humanity, as a proper justification for Objective and Legitimate Land Claims, is yours; to the penny.