First, get acquainted…

...with "Elementary" Renterizing!


It is important to understand the idea of "Renterizing".

  1. UpperClass pays for the privilege of choosing to be rich.
    1. Seen as more of an insurance than as a tax.
  2. MiddleClass does not pay as long as it chooses to remain... MiddleClass.
    1. As per Renterizing.
  3. LowerClass gets paid as compensation for being poor.
    1. No one chooses "voluntarily" to be poor.


It is also important to understand that "Renterizing" is the drive to Cultivate the healthiest possible MiddleClass.

  1. Where "Majority Rule" is subject to the idea of Renterizing.
    1. After exercising the "Democratic Vote".
  2. Where the "Culture of Capitalism" includes Empathy and Patience.
    1. To find out how well they  can temper Greed.