Once you have exercised your “Democratic Vote”, you need to consider and maybe multiply your “Majoritocratic Votes”.

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“Majoritocracies” modernized by the “Principle of Renterizing”.

This way, if the percentage of votes held by anyone is applied against the interest rate paid, we can deal with the scourge of money in politic.

For instance, if a zillionaire has 90% of the votes and the interest paid is 1% then his “Rent” is 90% of 1%.

In terms of Dollars and Cents, IFF each vote pays $1.00, according to the Principle of Renterizing, someone with 90% of the votes, a majority, gets paid $0.10 per vote. While someone with 1% of the votes gets $0.99.

This way we champion the idea of several people voting together, to get a majority, instead of one person, with a majority of the votes, crushing the “opposition”.

In any case, within the concept of a Federation of Democracies on the World Wide Web the votes should be Refundable, you get your money back, or they may be Transferred to another Democracy.

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