Spending Card

Imagine refugees with a Spending Income Card. That is refugees with a Mobile Spending Income!


At this point, our aim is to reach Critical Mass. That is, enough people interested in getting a “Spending Income Card” to make the proposition worthwhile.

Once we have reached the Critical Mass:

  • We will notify you.
  • The money to be paid for the Spending Income Card will be credited to the card itself. In other words, the money you pay for the Spending Income Card is paid to yourself.

In the meantime,

  • Consider that the greater the number of people interested in our Spending Income Card, the stronger our position when negotiating with Financial Institutions.
  • Consider also, the possibility of waking up one day and finding refugees on your doorstep. Hopefully, refugees with a Spending Income Card and the implied Spending Income.

The idea behind our Debit Card is:

  • To have a modern and efficient way to pay the Spending Income offered to every man, woman and child on the face of this Earth. A truly Mobile Spending Income.
  • To insure that part of the transaction fee is used as a source of revenue for the Spending Income. The more you use the Spending Card, the more you help in increasing the Spending Income.