A Culture of Capitalism to test your Empathy and your Patience.

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Keep in mind…

That the fluctuations in the interest rate, paid per Obligations, is likely to be wilder than just about anything you can imagine. Worst, the very same interest rate that may attract you right now is guaranteed to go down.

Keep in mind…

That if at some point the interest rate is so minute you can’t even see it with a high resolution microscope, and your Greed is so apoplectic it overrides your Empathy, as well as your Patience, you can get a refund.

Keep in mind…

That until we reach a critical mass large enough to stabilize the system, the challenge is to determine if your Empathy for others can temper your Greed. Without turning you into a sort of passive cash cow; to be milked by anyone with a “good” cause.

The idea being… 

That money raised by the sale of Obligations will be kept in a Trust Fund; to make sure it is available for refund. That some of the revenue received from investing that money will be used to pay the Interest Rate. And also that some of that same revenue will be used to increase the Spending Income Offered to every man, woman and child on the face of this Earth.


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