Entitles you to your share of the “Nomad” Spending Income Offered to every man, woman and child on the face of this Earth.

“The” Democratic Vote.

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For a Nomad Spending Income.

Even if you are one of those hard core, card carrying, couch potatoes. And have no interest whatsoever in any Democracy on the World Wide Web; beyond getting a Spending Income.

Simply keep in mind that, as a Human Being, you are Naturally entitled to go anywhere, any time and this for any reason… until you have to deal with other “Nomad” Human Beings.

Other Nomad Human Being who, like you, realizes that Human Beings need to claim more  than the “One Square Meter” that they physically occupy. And are willing to abide by the negotiated terms and conditions of a proper justification for Objective and Legitimate Land Claims. Including the “One Square Meter” they already occupy.

Most of all, keep in mind that, because you agree to champion Democracy and Renterizing, you are entitled to your share of the Offered “Nomad” Spending Income.

Every single penny of it!


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