Petition to U.N. re Spending Income

Wait until we notify you. Wait until we have reached Critical Mass. That is, enough people interested in our strategy to make the proposition worthwhile.

In due time, we will provide you with a text such as:

Dear sir, General Secretary of the United Nations,

I hereby request that every country of the world allocate a percentage of their budget to finance a Spending Income; offered to each and every single Human Being on the  face of this Earth.

In the interest of Justice and Dignity, I think that everyone concerned should oblige me.

Thank you!

Short, strong and straight to the point!

Which you will then be able to forward, possibly as an Email, to the United Nations.

In the meantime, consider our view on one of our initial sources of income.

  • Renterizing.
    • People, who claim land, should pay rent to humanity.
    • People, who claim land, should use, as an Objective Rent Rate, the percentage of Earth Surface Claimed.
    • People, who claim land, should consider their estimated value, of their claim, as an official sale price.

That is, our view of legitimate and objective Land Claims.

And, if need be, remind yourself that you are, legitimately and objectively, entitled to your share of the Offered Spending Income; every single penny of it.