Our Moral Code



That, in relation to any choice,

Sovereign Beings either choose to choose, choose not to chose or choose to let someone else choose for them.

To define the Rational Singularity as the origin of Sovereign Will.

That, regardless of their choice, in relation to any choice,

Sovereign Beings are not free to escape the Responsibility of their Sovereign Will.

To justify Rebellion as the primary mean to earn the Privilege of Free Will.

And the implied measure of Dignity in choosing between “Good” and “Evil”

Furthermore given

That, the very Concept of Sovereign Will embodies a type of violence.

To be known as Potential Moral Violence.

That, any Expression of Particular Sovereign Will is the Exclusion of any Other Sovereign Will.

To be seen as Kinetic Moral Violence.

That, the General Sovereign Will has to be a quest for Complementary Instances of Violences.

To be considered as Legitimate Moral Violences.

Most of all given

That, we have to seek a Proper Culture of Violence

Where Reason is the expression of the Rational Singularity

And Thinking is the dynamic processing of knowledge, understanding and wisdom

We need a Moral Code for Sovereign Beings

Written as an ideal guide for the conduct of anyone, anywhere, anytime, and this under any circumstances.

Designed to account for Legitimate Moral Violence, in any relationships among any Sovereign Beings.

From the Concept of Sovereign Will, identified as Potential Moral Violence, via any Expressed Particular Sovereign Will, seen as Kinetic Moral Violence, to be included in the General Sovereign Will, the Complementary Instances of Violence considered as Legitimate Moral Violence.

And linked to the basic necessities

Nutrition, protection and recreation

At the physical, intellectual, emotional as well as the spiritual level.

That is why,

In my attempt to Cultivate Moral Violence, I, as a Sovereign Being, recognize:

That My Sovereign Will can only be expressed as a Particular Sovereign Will.

Where even the possibility of Other Sovereign Wills is excluded.

Including those Other Sovereign Wills that I may take for granted.

That I can only offer to negotiate mutually profitable transactions, that is Complementary Instances of Violence, with Other Sovereign Beings.

With emphasis on Convenience when I can.

And Etiquette when I can't.

That, in the meantime, I can only prepare to act in kind; with interests.

As the way to build a General Sovereign Will.

Defined, all-ways, as Complementary Instances of Violence.

And that, in cases of conflict, I can only seek the opinion of a third party.

To analyze the inherent violence of the conflict.

And set it in the light of Acceptable Intentional Violence.

On this basis,

I may claim to be a Moral Sovereign Being insofar as I try to be Good and Just.

Good, because, in my quest for Dignity, my actions tend to be acceptable examples of the Moral Code of Sovereign Beings.

Just, because, as a measure of my Dignity, my actions try to be accurate examples of the Moral Code of Sovereign Beings.

And, insofar as I am a Good and Just Sovereign Being.

I certainly aim to have Rights, Legitimate Claims that define, in the full amount and the proper currency, the price required, to have been paid, in the context of the Moral Code of Sovereign Beings.

And I certainly aim to make sure that no Political Vote, or any amount of Political Votes, by any Sovereign Being, or group of Sovereign Beings, that is no Sovereign Choice whatsoever is to be understood as any sort of mortgage on the soul of any Other Sovereign Beings.

This said,

I do leave room for the possibility of a truce.

I do offer to compare notes.

Even if, as a sort of primitive definition of Legitimate Sovereign Violence, I only let others know where I stand.

Guy Rocheleau