What now?

A quick note about Signing Up for a Spending Income.

Does it matter if you sign up now or later?

True, at this point it might not seem to matter that much if you sign up now or later; the amount of Spending Income, being paid, is insignificant.

However, in the greater scheme of things, we have to note that we need quantity to reach Critical Mass.

That's why we need people willing to invest the little bit of effort needed to... Sign Up. And this even though they do not expect a noteworthy Spending Income at this early stage.

We have the Idea, we have the Mechanism, we offer a Spending Income and, when we reach Critical Mass, it will certainly be that much more worthwhile to sign up for a Spending Income.

But will we reach our goal if no one signs up now?

Of course, if you have already Signed Up for the offered Spending Income, then the question is: "What Next?"