What next?

Of course we need to upgrade this Website.

 In a way, we are still at the stage of the "Emotional Fuel needed to get going". Or, if you will, at the stage of "Pre-Renterizing".

Virtual Country with defined and maintained high standards.

 So far, proposing a Virtual Country, with defined and maintained, high standards should trigger the interest of people interested in Democracy. Offering a Spending Income should definitely increase the motivation of people interested in Democracy. And outlining the mechanism of "Renterizing", even if only to define Objective and Legitimate Land Claims, should strengthen the confidence of those who are already interested and motivated by Democracy.

But if we want to actually get to the "Concrete Fuel needed to keep going", that is actual Renterizing, we will have to tackle the bulk of the work. And rather than let it crush us, we will break it down into manageable steps.

Hence the idea of, gradually, upgrading the Website.

 Upgrading the Website should, from the word go, include the features needed to implement the demands of Democracy as a de facto Federation of Democracies. In other words, from the word go, we should define the preserves of the "General Will", the preserves of the "Particular Will" and their rather incestuous relationship. How about "Legitimate Sovereign Will"?

Gradually structuring the process of Renterizing.

 Structuring the process of Renterizing should have, at least, a virtual priority. Beyond proposing a definition for Objective and Legitimate Land Claims, it is a source of revenue for the Spending Income offered to everybody and it helps identify the Democracies of the Federation. Think of designing a World Map; far different from those you can find on the internet but far more Democratic.

Gradually introducing a Lottery.

 Introducing a Lottery geared to patience rather than greed. Every ticket good for every draw, as long as you keep the ticket, and refundable if you loose patience. In other words, guaranteed to win... eventually. Can we design the ticket as potential contender for the title of international currency?

Gradually introducing our own Debit Card.

 Get our own debit card, renamed Spending Card. Think of it as a sort of Mobile Spending Income! This is how we pay the Spending Income offered to everybody. And this is also how we get some of the revenue for the Spending Income offered to everybody. Part of the transaction fee can be used just for that purpose so that the more you use the card the more you contribute to increasing the Spending Income. Fair enough?

Gradually introducing the idea of Selling Profits rather than Products.

Sell Profits rather than Products. Of course it is a publicity gimmick... and then some. Let's see how this one plays out. Especially when some of the Profits on a product or service are auctioned.