Small print

  • "Occupy 2.0":
    • An upgrade to the "Occupy Movement" which will stand as a serious attempt at turning "The Emotional Fuel Needed to Get Going!" into "The Concrete Fuel Needed to Keep Going!"
  • "Renterize":
    • Defined as "Rent paid to Humanity" to justify land claims related to Occupy 2.0. Given that the money raised this way is shared equally, by all Signed Up Human Beings, as a "Spending Income".
  • "And Tax...":
    • In the Context of Occupy 2.0 and Renterize, a tax applied to the Net Spending Income, that is Spending Income less Rent Paid.
  • "...the Poor!": 
    • Again in the Context of Occupy 2.0 and Renterize,  anyone, regardless of wealth, who actually gets a Net Spending Income and who, in principle, agree to "part of something" rather than "all of nothing".